The Fossil OilThe fossil oil is a very important fuel and it is essential .Using petroleum as fuel provides convenience for many people and even factory .But the fossil oil has many poison material and discharge of the petroleu...

I can't remember whether the scenery there is beautiful. ..., so that I couldn't see a doctor. ...but I still vomited a lot.更好一点,用过去进行时怪怪的。 I didn't go to the hospital untill the typhoon stopped.

中文:我有一个好朋友,她的名字叫琳琳,一个10岁的有点内向的女孩,她是我的同班同学,她的爱好是看书,最喜欢吃的零食是巧克力 英文翻译:I have a good friend, her name is Linlin, a 10-year-old introverted girl, she is my classmate, her...

I believe the most effective way to learn English is that speak loud in the public, and talk to some one whose mother tougue is enge lish, be brave and dont be shy, cause others will help you if you make a mistake on your speak...


英语作文: Hello Tom, It seems that you feel low in self-esteem resuting from your short figure. However, you shouldn’t feel in this way. There were lots great men who were short in figure. Please keep in mind: You have a big h...





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