In my opinion, it depends on the girl's feeling towards the man. If she only pay atteneion to the man's money rather than his character, she may get stuck in her future life. On the contrary, if she really love the man, appreci...


in silence, but everyone knows in the heart. If a person



The Fossil OilThe fossil oil is a very important fuel and it is essential .Using petroleum as fuel provides convenience for many people and even factory .But the fossil oil has many poison material and discharge of the petroleu...


英语作文: Hello Tom, It seems that you feel low in self-esteem resuting from your short figure. However, you shouldn’t feel in this way. There were lots great men who were short in figure. Please keep in mind: You have a big h...

My first time to ride a bike Today I can ride a bike very well. But three years ago, it was too hard for me to ride a bike. Now I still remember my first time to ride a bike. I often fell off the bike, but I didn’t stop riding....


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