Dear all, My name is [名字]. I just joined this excellent [新公司名称] yesterday, and previously worked at [以前公司的名称] as a [以前所在公司的职位]. It's my pleasure and honour to be a member of [新公司部门名称] and work with...

Dear all, My name is xxx. I just take over ***'s job today . I previously worked on xxx. I am looking forward to working with you all. Please let me know if I can be of help at the mean time. Best regards, xxx

入职后需要了解的内容:1.企业各部门的划分情况及各自...(考核表、岗位异动申请表、离职申请表等)——部门...◆熟练的中英文写作、口语、阅读能力;◆ 热爱公司,...

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