你好! 贵妃醉酒 the drunken beauty

Opera Drunken Beauty

Li Yugang, Chinese opera and dance drama actors at the national level, the National Youth Committee, young performing artist. He is the first Chinese art traditional art and fashion packaging artist; he was the first one in the...

That year snow plum blossom branchThat year the Huaqing Hot Spring side left too muchDon't say which is right and which is wrong feelings of right and wrongJust want to dream with you drunkGenistein, a jade hairpin is the gift ...

A 试题分析:题中京剧英译本出版说明不同文化之间实现交流和传播,故A入眩B选项观点与题意不符,题中没有涉及思想运动,不能表明思想运动催生社会变革促进文化发展,故排除。C选项观点错误,大众传媒已经成为文化传播的主要手段,而不是开始,...

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