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商业机密 英文

commercial confidentiality

commercial secretstrade secretscommercial confidentiality这些都常见于国外主流媒体

翻译如下: 商业机密 Trade secrets 例句: 这一聚合物的性质目前是个商业机密。 The nature of the polymer is currently a trade secret.


leak trade secrets 例句:虽然有人担心公开房价成本会泄露商业机密,但笔者认为,这个认识需要澄清。 While some people worry that the cost of public housing will leak trade secrets, but I believe that the understanding needed to be ...

A assigned the work to B company and received 10 percent discount; meanwhile, he released his company's business secrets and clients' information.

1.Loses happy camper 失乐园 2.Blue sky 蓝天 3.Public welfare activity, charitable activity 社会福利活动, 慈善捐助活动 4.Commercial secret 商业机密 5.Thanks your welcome 谢谢光临 6.First-class service 一流服务

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