love story,fifteen,sparks fly,today was a fairytale,speak now,last kiss,you belong with me,enchanted,the story of us, tim mcgraw等等,其他的自己找吧

love story speak now back to december mean mine you belong with me speaks fly eyes open long live our song 都很好听的,希望你细细品味!

打了※的是我特别喜欢的 1.Back to December ※(高潮特别难唱,很考肺活量埃。。。) 2.Beautiful Eyes 3.Better Than Revenge ※(我最喜欢taylor swift的一首歌,你肯定会喜欢) 4.the way i loved you 5.Mine ※(新专辑中的主打歌,调子很轻快...

I Knew You Were Trouble. We Are Never Ever Getting Back 22 Long Live You belong with me love story Safe & Sound Crazier speak now等 都挺好听的,听听看吧~~

的有White Horse ,The Best Day,Tear dorps on my guiter. Forever And Always(慢的Forever And Always是白金版的Fearless才有的)好听的欢快的Love Story,You Belong With Me,Forever And Always,Our Song,她的歌节奏都很好哦。听泰勒的歌...

Banlk Space、Style、Welcome to New York、Mean最爱的几首

强烈推荐Enchanted I knew you were trouble love story Spark fly 22 mine fifteen sweeter than fiction

嗯,Taylor的歌,个人认为都很好听! 温馨的《love story》《teardrops on my guitar》《white horse》 还有轻快的《our song》《you belong with me》《jump then fall》《forever and always》《fearless》 《picture to burn》等等等 、、 都...

这妞很多歌都是很经典的,比如you belong with me\our song\love story\speak now\fearless等。

red 专辑 《red》 I knew you were trouble 专辑 《red》 we are never ever getting back together 专辑 《red》很经典滴。。。 back to december 专辑 《speak now》 safe and sound 饥饿游戏的片尾曲 love story 专辑 《fearless》 我听的泰...

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