can't stand doing something.

I cannot tolerate them I cannot endure them I cannot put up with them I cannot stand them

无法忍受 的英文 can not bear it. unbearable intoleratable.

Icouldn'tendurethecold. 寒冷的名词,也可以用cold cold的三个词性: n. 寒冷;感冒 adj. 寒冷的;冷淡的,不热情的;失去知觉的 adv. 完全地

can't bear sth./can't bear to do sth./can't bear sb. doing sth can't stand sth./can't stand doing/can't stand to do/can't stand sb. doing sth.

我觉得还好但有些家规真的让人无法忍受 I feel okay but some rules really unbearable. 重点词汇释义 我觉得It strikes me that ...; I think 还好not bad; passable; fortunately 有些somewhat; some; rather; in a sort of way 无法忍受intol...


我无法忍受喋喋不休的人 I can't stand the chatter. 我无法忍受喋喋不休的人 I can't stand the chatter.

can't stand with,还有endure, resist

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